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Marine Electronics

Marine electronics can be a daunting experience with such a wide range of brands, models and accessories available. At Moose Marine we are experts at designing the supplying the correct system for your needs and budget.

  • GPS – The latest technology places everything at your fingertips, letting you quickly and easily plan your route and set a course.
  • Fish Finders – These use ultrasonic waves transmitted by a transducer to locate and display underwater objects on a monitor, commonly used to find fish or fish schools in the water.
  • Sonar – Standing for Sound Navigation And Ranging, sonar devices use sound propagation to detect objects under the water, or communicate with other vessels on the surface.
  • Communications – We carry all the latest handheld or fixed-mount 27meg, VHF, SSB/HF radios and auto-tuners.
  • Satellite TV Systems – We can supply and install the next generation of outboard satellite television devices, complete with support for HDTV entertainment.
  • Audio/Visual Solutions – From remote controlled 4-zone stereo solutions to compatibility with Bluetooth, iPod and Android connectivity, we have you covered.
  • Auto Pilot – Modern autopilot devices are very sophisticated and integrated piece of equipment, for craft that need highly precise navigation solutions.
  • Radar – from dome scanners to open scanners, high definition to Doppler systems, and for a range of different power bases and ranges.
  • Power Solutions – We stock leading brand power solutions that supply reliable AC power for your craft’s wealth of electronic equipment.
  • AIS – An automatic identification system can be used to identify your craft on the water in case of an emergency or entering a port.
  • Networking and Compatibility – Ensuring your craft’s new devices can communicate with each other seamlessly ensures no troublesome glitches on the water.

We are trained in all major brands and offer a premium buying experience with one on one training available to every client.

Custom Accessories

Have something in mind and not quite sure how to implement it? Moose Marine can work with you to design and fabricate the accessory to fill that gap in your boat’s outfit, from dive tank holders to retractable hammocks. Everything is possible, and we can show you how.

Marine Accessories

Moose Marine offers all the best accessories from leading brands like Fusion, Lonestar, Raymarine and Zipwake. We are specialists in finding the correct product for your application from the sea of items available, able to offer:

  • Boat Maintenance
  • Anchors and Mooring
  • Cockpit and Cabin Accessories
  • Seats and Pedestals
  • Deck Hardware and Stainless Steel
  • Lighting and Electrical
  • Pumps and Plumbing
  • Fuel Systems and Tanks
  • Steering and Controls
  • Safety Equipment
  • Rope, Wire, Chain and Rigging
  • Winches and Trailer Accessories

New Build & Refit Design

Come and explore your concept with Moose Marine. We can show you options and offer solutions that will inspire and motivate. Our transparent project management ensures a smooth progression of your build, and we work in conjunction with several builders and suppliers to deliver premium outcomes above the standard packages offered.


Get more out of your marine electronics with our On Water training sessions. On your session we will teach you how to operate and understand your marine electronics, perform system checks, update software and even share some of our more prestigious waypoints. Sessions start at $150 for 90 minutes, subject to travel time.

Alternatively, Moose Marine offers an in depth and fun marine electronic presentation for a classroom or lecture setting. Our presentation for understanding sonar and getting more out of your fish finder has been presented at many clubs all over the state.