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About the Owner

Moose Marine owner Anthony Cooke has always been on and around boats since he was a kid.

Growing up in the Gippsland Lakes, the boating capital of Victoria, Anthony spent his youth in and out of all sized vessels from small tinnys to large sized timber motor yachts. Anthony spent many years working the US ski boat market in Pennsylvania in the USA before returning home to Australia.

Since 2010 Anthony has been making a name for himself in the boating world as an expert in marine accessories, particularly marine electronics. Along with running his business Anthony’s current projects also include websites, magazine articles and guest speaking and training workshops. Anthony has many awards in Sales and Service from major suppliers such as Garmin, Fusion, and BBB.

Anthony believes boating should be fun and enjoyable which he translates into his passion and dedication at work.

About Moose Marine

Moose Marine is a personalised outfitting company. If an order is made for a new boat or a client wants to refit their existing boat, clients can come in and relax in our first-class showroom and lounge. The clients are shown assorted options and brands as well as pricing tailored to their budget. Once the boat has arrived the client then spend time with Moose Marine going over every option that is above available on the market including potential custom fits. The Owner of the vessel can experience virtual layout options on a large screen tv or tablets to see purchases fitted before they boat even arrives. Once the customer design is achieved the clients will receive regular photographs and video updates of the fit-out progress.

At Moose Marine we pride ourselves on being able to source products from very major supplier and brand with no bias. This allows for an extremely broad range of products to choose from knowing that the right product. We are certified technical experts in various marine electronics and audio including major brands like Lowrance, Simrad, b & G , Garmin, Hummingbird, Raymarine, Fusion, Wetsounds, JL, Rockfords, Fostgate. We use extremely high-quality marine upholsters, ship wrights, fibreglass layers welders and electrical marine technicians.

The 3 Moose Marine Advantages

Unique Marine Experience

With extensive experience in marine electrical, electronics and desalination experience, the knowledgeable team-members at Moose Marine have seen almost every application possible.

Having carried out many thousands of installations on boats from 20’ to 120’, we KNOW the most appropriate & cost-effective solution to any challenges or needs you might have.

And we definitely WON’T try to sell you equipment that you don’t require. At Moose Marine, we have the most experienced team in the leisure marine industry.


Being open 10-6.30pm a day from Monday to Friday and 10-5.30pm on a Saturday, we offer a state of the art VIP showroom open 50 hours a week and phone availability. Additionally, all of our company mobile phones are routed to our office if a staff member you’re calling is busy, so there’s no downtime in you leaving a voicemail.

You’ll ALWAYS be able to talk “live” to a team-member from Moose Marine. We offer 24/7 advise, tips and tricks as well as all the latest news from all the major manufactures via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and e-mail.

In short, we’re here TO HELP YOU when you need help!


The staff at Moose Marine all have vast hands-on experience, and have had up to date manufacture product training and certification. This means when they offer advice on a product or they step aboard your vessel, there’s no time wasted trying to figure things out.

We understand that your time in valuable and you most likely don’t have hours to waste. We offer our customers prompt, efficient, clean and on-time service.

When you take into account all the benefits you enjoy from us, you’ll recognise that we’re your most “cost-effective” one-stop-shop when it comes to anything marine!

For a complete list of services we provide, please visit our Services page.

To book an appointment or send us an email, contact us now.