Fusion Apollo 670 series released

When fusion released their Apollo range i was pretty pumped. excited to see what fusion could offer with parent company Garmins dollars behind it now. A bit of history of the models, Fusions capital range was their 600 and 700 series , both large with fold down opening fronts offering a dock for your phone or cd/dvd player option. both still exist today in the 655 and 755 versions. both now have bluetooth, bonded glass screens aluminium bodies still 4 zones, you get the idea. the smaller range was their 200 series and then 50 series.. both once again had aluminium powdercated bodies, with eventually built in bluetooth. 2 zones at various power levels. and eventually bonded glass screens and NMEA2K connectivity

The 70 series came in to bridge that gap. understanding that most people were not using cds anymore and with their being more than one smart phone company, it wast worth having a dock inside the head unit. especially as people seem glued to their phones now anyway. The 70 series did offer a cheaper price point for its size due in part to plastic body etc. but it was and still is fusions best seller with it being the go to unit for boat/caravan OEM from small tinnies to larger powerboats and yachts, with sales of the 600 and 700 flagship range just falling off a cliff

So… the Apollo series was launched. with two bookend models. a new small “one up from a remote” model called the SRX400. with its cute as a button size, bonded glass now colour screen, wifi and Ethernet. though only one zone and no USB input. and the other end of the scale with the RA770. featuring a full bonded glass touch colour screen control and volume/selector knob. it did feature just about everything , wifi, nmea2k, ethernet, usb, am/fm, ant+, you get the picture

So the two extremes were there. we just needed something in the middle to suit are more conservative client “the 770 is over $800” but one who wants more than the srx400.

Enter the new 670. which if you like is a nice evolution of everything other models…..are’nt
So we get a colour bonded glass screen (like the srx400)
we get NMEA2K (like the 770)
but not wifi ….. which seems like its from feedback, most OEM and retro fitters seldom use this feature, and is left mostly for the big boat world.. so save the peso and leave it out it seems
it does however have USB and bluetooth
also it can run 3 zones up from the 1 of the srx400 and 2 of the ra70. this works well with the Front/Back/Subwoofer 5 speaker system we are seeing often .

ramblings over,
I am excited to see a full Apollo range now. Still could do with a boost in build quality. but over all. looking forward to having a play
– Moose